Beating the crap out of things

Two words: Pound Class. 

That has to be one of the most fun things I have ever done. For 45 minutes you bang the crap out of the floor with drumsticks. Okay, so it’s much more than that, but who knew doing that many squats and lunges could actually be fun? Even the ab workout part was incredibly fun. I’d be lying if I wasn’t swearing in my head at times because it hurt. 

But it’s a  good hurt. I am waddling like a penguin but it’s okay! Pain is progress because it’s a good pain. 

I’m really happy to started to use my YMCA membership.

I ate well. Didn’t snack and drank a ton of water. I think I’m peeing every five minutes. 

I was flexed from working tonight (bonus), so the girls and I made lo Cal energy bites. I’m planning on doing a post just dedicated to food prep because there is a lot. 

Tomorrow the plan is to not do an actual class, I’m just going to hit the treadmill. Which to me is still fabulous. 

Here’s to sticking to my plan! 


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