Updates and Changes

Hello great wide interweb.  It’s been quite a bit hasn’t it?

So first and foremost, I am changing my posting schedule. I have decided daily was just too much for me.  So from here on out I will be posting weekly on Saturdays.

Now for some exciting news: I have lost a grand total of 14.4lbs!! When I started this journey back in January I was 263, I was only half heartedly trying, so there wasn’t much progress the first several months.  My weight yo-yo’d quite a bit. Here are two screenshots taken today from my Fitbit:

As you can see from this screen grab it says I have 28.6lbs til my goal is met. This isn’t my end goal. Rather, it is my first goal. 220lbs. The fat percentage is probably wrong because I don’t know how to calculate that, so I left it at the default setting.

So what happened?

Something in June just clicked. I decided to stop making excuses and just do it. I started using my YMCA membership and going to fitness classes. On days where I didn’t feel like doing a fitness class I just did the elliptical or bike for an hour. The first week I felt like I was dying. Every muscle hurt, I could barely move. I thought on multiple occasions “why the fuck do people voluntarily do this to themselves?” or “How the hell am I supposed to keep going when I can’t freaking move?” Occasionally during those first few days I thought about quitting a lot. I mean a lot. Like every freaking second I wanted to stop.

I didn’t though. I pushed through the pain and with the encouragement of a few key people I made it through the first week. Without dying I might add.

I don’t know if it was the endorphins that I had coursing through my system or what, but after that first week I didn’t hurt anymore. I’d be a little sore after some of the classes I attended, or a particularly intense run on the elliptical, but overall I wasn’t sore. I felt invigorated.  And the craziest thing happened.. I wanted to work out.

I wanted to keep going to the gym.

Never in my life have I uttered those eight words. I did not think that I would ever want to say those eight words.

We ended up stopping our YMCA membership for a few months due to unforeseen circumstances. I haven’t let that deter me though. I do home Zumba workouts (I CAN MAKE IT THROUGH ALL 70 MINUTES NOW GUYS), Richard Simmons, and other various workouts. Between YouTube and Amazon Prime there a ton of FREE workout videos that I can do.

I look back now and wonder why? Why did I make so many excuses? Why did I sabotage my desire to become healthier? I still don’t have an answer to those questions. I just know that the person I was a month ago I never want to be again.

I am now obsessed with my health. Every choice I make, both good and bad I take accountability for. I have finally made the change. This isn’t  a phase or a fad. This is who I am now; truly health conscious, and a lot better for it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how good that feels. Every step is still a struggle, there are many days I want to just curl up in a ball and not do anything. I won’t let myself. I keep pushing.

I plan on measuring myself again on my next weigh in day. I want to see if there are any inches lost. I also plan on posting a comparison picture when I hit 220lbs.

My final note is this:

Thank you readers for being patient with my yo-yo attitude, and inconsistent postings. Words cannot express how grateful I am for that.

Much love

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