Movers shakers and the big fifteen. 

This weekend was insane! I spent Saturday helping my aunt move in the morning. Going to a meeting in the afternoon and then going back to finish helping my aunt. I was whipped by the end of the night.

Sunday a different aunt was awesome and came to help me paint two bedroom. Yes I know I’m insane. We told the girls we’d redo their rooms for their birthdays. So Sunday the weather was nice enough to open windows so my aunt and I spent roughly six hours painting moving furniture. Holy fricking pink and holy fricking blue. Pictures will come after I finish getting the details done.

Yesterday was a zoo day and then more unpacking at my aunts.

Today I weighed myself. I am officially down 15lbs! I even got a cool fitbit badge lol.

Keep it up. 220 is just around the corner. I can feel it. Today little Bug turned 3 so we celebrating by watching Spiderman (her choice), reading Greek Mythology (her choice) and playing Mickey Mouse Legos.

I think it’ll be a good day.

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