When the fat kid sees cake.

One word: Cake.

So much cake..

Three cakes and 50 cupcakes within the week. One more cake to go.

My children are six years apart, but their birthdays are exactly one week apart. Do you know what happens when you have two birthdays and a birthday party within a week? Four letters… CAKE.

I will say that I was pretty good. I really haven’t had too much. One small piece on Bug’s birthday, and I didn’t have any of the cupcakes from the party yesterday. We still have one more birthday to go. Monkey turns 9 on Wednesday.

We’ve had a lot of fun this week. We hit the zoo Monday and spent most of the day there. I then went back to my aunt’s and helped her unpack some more stuff, and set up some electronic gadgets. Tuesday was Bug’s birthday, we watched Spiderman, and hung out all day. The rest of the week was prep mode for the birthday party yesterday.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a huge family? Like seriously huge? We have a 1900 sq foot home, and it was packed to the brim with people. So many people. So much love. The original plan was to have everyone outside for a Luau. Nebraska weather had a different plan. Who the hell would’ve thought it was going to be 65F and rainy on August frickin 5th. What the hell Nebraska?!? So everyone moved inside. It turned out wonderful though, lots of fun stuff.

I’ve been keeping up my workouts most days. I try to hit my steps everyday. It’s been a bit harder with me spending so much time on the computer. Being a full time student for my bachelors, and then taking my courses for real estate is rather time consuming. Today I’ve done a whopping 4,138 steps. I spent the majority of my day today writing five papers. Now I’m getting ready to delve back into the world of real estate. It’s insanity!!

I’ve been weighing myself more than I should. I’m still down 15lbs. Which is awesome, but there is no progress. I stopped counting my calories a few weeks ago, and I feel like that’s had such an impact on my weight loss journey. So starting tomorrow I am getting back on track with counting my intake. 1000 calories a day.

I’m also taking the next steps in my journey to get healthy. Tomorrow is the day I quit smoking. I think what I’m going to do is when I have a craving I’m going to work out. That way instead of worrying about the nicotine I won’t be inhaling, I can release endorphins to make me feel better. They say the first three days are the hardest. We shall see.

Have any of you had success with smoking cessation? What methods did you use?


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