An interesting change

Remember all the weight I lost? That wonderful 15lbs? Well it came back. For a little bit I stopped counting calories, I really didn’t exercise, and in general didn’t care what I ate. Those few months brought back five of those fifteen pounds.

I started counting my calories again, worked out, and drank a ton more water.  Even with me getting back on track, the other ten pounds came back. I don’t know if it was rebound, or what. I wasn’t happy. When I started this blog, I told you all that I would not get surgery or use medicines/diet trends. Two of those remain true.

Last Monday I went to my primary care physician because I was done. I have been yo-yoing with my weight for over a year, and it seemed like my metabolism had backfired on me. I was very clear with my PCP that I do not want surgery, which he agreed with. Because of my medical history, and a previous surgery I had he told me he wanted me to try phentermine. He is very meticulous about how he prescribes and lets his patients use the medicine. I was hesitant, and then he told me that because we had just done blood work a month ago (I had my annual physical), he felt comfortable giving me the prescription. He does not prescribe it until he checks cardiac blood work along with a CBC, and CMP. He then explained that I had to come back in three weeks for a blood pressure check and if my BP was elevated at all from where it normally sits that I would have to discontinue the medicine. The last bit he told me was that I could only take it for 90 days, then I had to be off of it for at least 90 days. If needed, he will put me back on it after the 90 day break.

So with how careful my doctor is about the med, I decided to go ahead and give it a go. I figured if I had an adverse reaction then I wouldn’t take it. I started the medicine the next day (12/12) and as of this morning I have lost 5.5 lbs. My doc did tell me that this would happen because I have so much extra to lose. He didn’t tell me how much I should expect to lose, but that he has had patients who have lost 15 lbs in a month.

So I am taking medicine for weight loss now – with the goal to basically kick start my metabolism.

I still refuse surgery, and diet trends. I am solely sticking to counting my calories, exercising, and taking this pill once a day for 90 days.

At first I was ashamed, and embarrassed, but now I’m not. My goal is to get healthy. Who cares if I’m taking a less traditional route.


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