Super lame hashtag title

I really want to start this post with a super lame hashtag so I will:


Okay so now that my trendy self feels complete lets talk.

What are we talking about tonight?

Two words: counting calories. Any strict diet/lifestyle change person can tell you it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Computing your intake versus your output. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass that is? Let’s be real. If your eating something that has the calorie count on it, that works out. It’s super easy to input your calories and move on with your day. When you have a homemade meal that is a royal pain in the rear end.

You have two options: hand calculate that shit (which I’ll pass thanks) or you can look online for calculator for you.

There are a few websites that claim to help you figure out the calorie count in your meals, but honestly I’ve only found one that is at least pretty reliable :
That website takes all the extra math work out of it for you. It has helped seamlessly convert numerous recipes (homemade breakfast burritos, lasagna, and more) into calories based on how many servings I make. I fricking love that website.

My target caloric range is between 1000-1100 calories a day, greatly depending on how many calories I have burned. What’s yours?

The next pain in the ass thing that can happen when you count calories is the unexpected calorie intake. What do I mean you ask? Ha! Let me tell you about my day…

We went over to my mom’s house to celebrate her birthday early. I made sure to allot for the cake and ice cream calories I knew I’d be consuming. I wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for actual lunch, but knowing my mom I didn’t think too much because it’s usually pretty easy to tell what she’ll get and fairly easy to modify my intake because of it. Not today. Birthday girl wanted Texas Roadhouse. I don’t know if any of you have been to Texas Roadhouse, but it a calorie counters worst nightmare. Even the “healthy” options are loaded with butter and extras. So they may be fewer calories, but they end up being worse for you because of all the extras.

Before today the last time I went to Texas Roadhouse was four years ago. The food is great, but it is truly too much food.

I could’ve declined going, or gone but not eaten anything but that would’ve been extra rude. So I went with the family and would’ve actually done fine.. but their honey rolls got me. They are sooooooo goooooood.

That’s me.. using a Snapchat filter in crappy lighting eating a damn salad with the lowest calorie dressing they had. No lie though the salad was pretty delicious. I didn’t even make a dent in it. On the right we have me and my kiddo playing with filters. Man I love that kid.

Shall we see where my calorie count ended today?

Please ignore the stupid ring volume thing on the right screenshot. My new case makes it a pain to grab shots sometimes. Side Note: my Fit Bit is out of commission at the moment so my calories out is not accurate. Honestly it was probably not too much higher than what is says though.

I am going to point out that did actually eat toast with butter this morning, I just managed to eat so much that it would’ve taken me three screenshots to fit it all. Again new case = pita to take screen grabs sometimes.  Yes I inhaled 1,862 calories in one day. No lie, my stomach still hurts, I think my food baby is still hanging out.

At this point I have two options:
A. buck up and do better tomorrow
B. wallow in self-pity and turn this bad day into multiple bad days.

I’m choosing option A.  I’m complaining to you all but owning my crappy calorie day. Guess what? It doesn’t define my journey. It doesn’t make me a terrible person who should give up on my goals. It just means I suck sometimes, and that’s okay.


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