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De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis

I can finally type again!! I really won’t be taking that basic skill for granted again.

Two weeks ago I noticed a loss of strength in my right hand. I couldn’t grasp anything, typing was incredibly painful. I felt pretty useless because I couldn’t do the most menial tasks (like sweeping, dishes, cooking, etc) that help me run my household. It progressively got worse so I went to see a hand specialist last Monday. Turns out I have/had De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. Plainly speaking it’s a type of tendinitis in my thumb. Strong anti-inflammatory meds, a thumb/wrist splint, and a steroid short into my joint (eff that), is what I needed to start the healing process. A week later I have almost full movement back, most of my strength and can tolerate not wearing my brace for a good chunk of the day.

With that said. I miss you all, and the blog will go back to it’s regular programming schedule soon.

How has the last week been for you all?


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