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Snow Days should be no days.

There was yet another snow day yesterday so I had both kids home.

What does that mean?

Mother nature needs to quit being an asshole and let these damn kids go to school.

Snow days also mean scarring your children for life creating amazing memories that may or may not include dance parties to 2000’s music. This definitely left my nine year old mortified as I shook my ass to the classics of Britney Spears (It’s Britney bitch), Pussycat Dolls, and more. It probably didn’t help that I did the running man.


You should listen to “Low” by Flo Rida while watching that ^ GIF. You’re welcome.


<- How I dance to LMFAO

We like to further the awesomeness of things by taking turns doing different exercises for kicks and giggles. This section of the day includes lots of my husband going “that’s not how you do that” and me being an asshole and laughing at my kids. Don’t worry they laugh at me all the time.

I learned a few things during this whole process:

  1. My nine year old is definitely my child.. it was both hilarious and awkward watching her attempt some of these…
  2. My three year old must have been replaced by an alien baby with super strength and abs of steel. That child did 30 sit ups followed by planking for another minute and a semi assisted handstand with zero issue. Seriously.. there is no way I popped that child out.

You know what I did? I had the honor of sounding like a damn tree falling as I smashed into the floor while attempting a push up. I’m pretty sure the house slightly shook on impact. It’s quite possible the dude from Star Wars felt a great disturbance in the force.

Let’s be real the only push up I can do is pushing up a Flinstones Push Up ice cream.

Do they even still sell those? I really want one now…

Dude my inner fat kid loves ice cream.. sometimes she’s like Kirby, just a never ending stream of inhaling everything in site. Let’s be real, she even gets power ups from the junk food like him.


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