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Side by Side and Real Appeal

Two weeks ago I was going through my insurance company’s website. I stumbled onto their health resources page and noticed a link for something called Real Appeal. So I clicked it.

It took me to the Real Appeal (RA) landing page where they talked about this “amazing” program that helped you get healthy and sent you a bunch of free shit for doing the program. I called my insurance to see if it was free or whatnot, and surprisingly it is. I signed up extra quick and lets be real.. I did it solely for the big box of free shit they send you. I was even able to convince my husband to join as well. (TWO BOXES OF FREE SHIT GUYS!)

My box hasn’t arrived yet, turns out they don’t ship it until after you complete the “first” main session. Bastards.  My box shipped Wednesday.

So what exactly is Real Appeal?

It’s a 52 week program where you meet online weekly for 30 minutes with a group and your health coach. During these meetings they give you a lot of helpful information, and teach you how to find your ideal calorie amount. The group also sets individual goals for the week, and then the next week you all talk (via chat) about your successes and struggles. All the people in my group are pretty awesome. There isn’t a lot of fluff in the actual content, even though the videos are odd. If you feel like you need more than the group sessions you can set up one on one meetings with your coach at any time. They are also available via email as well. I’ve talked to my coach multiple times through email, and I absolutely adore her.

The first session was more of an introduction to your coach and the system. Expectations for the meetings, and introduction to the software RA uses. The second session was all about nutrition and goals. You get “homework” each week which basically consists of a couple things you do after the session on the website. I should mention the vast amount of resources on their website. Work out videos, recipes, and then some. It’s insane.

I’ve been doing the program for a few weeks now, and so far am very impressed. Unlike other weight loss programs I’ve tried, this feels like it will create sustainable weight loss. It’s not flashy program promising you can eat what you want and keep all this weight off (I’m looking at you Weight watchers). It’s not some miracle pill promising copious amounts of weight loss quickly. It’s not a trend diet. This program really helps you transform your lifestyle for the long haul. For fuck’s sake its a year long.

Wednesday will now be known as Real Appeal Wednesday. You all can follow along on this program. Let’s see if it works together. =)

Also of great importance today I am down to 242.3, that’s twenty one pounds! I did a side by side picture comparison at the 20 pound mark like I said I would. See below:


I can tell a difference, not a huge one but at least in my face. What do you think? Just an FYI I don’t have a full length mirror so I had to stand on my bathtub to get my body in the mirror. That is my “oh shit don’t fall on your ass” face. In the future I’m going to have hubby take the picture. And yes that is a bleach stain on my shirt ya’ll. =)

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