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Part Two: Real Appeal catch up

So in my last post before the mini series I briefly mentioned Real Appeal. Can I tell you how much I freakingĀ loveĀ that program. Seriously, I never thought that I would look forward to getting online every Wednesday at 8 in the morning to meet with my group. My coach is phenomenal, and my group is a wonderful bunch of people who are truly supportive and encouraging of each other.

While my kiddo was in the hospital the big box of free shit came. It was pretty kick ass.

img_20180203_1617143729645154610603411.jpgimg_20180203_1618014389375024765651445.jpgimg_20180203_1622542505694028957859290.jpgimg_20180203_1622488872187461268426138.jpgThat’s quite a bit of stuff. More than I was expecting.

Included in my box was:
– 5lb Resistance Band
– Digital Body weight scale
– Portion Control plate (dishwasher safe)
– Electronic food scale that has an awesome bowl, and switches between three different units of measurements.
– A set of workout DVDs.
– Real Appeal Food Guide = This book includes multiple eating plans, plus tons of recipes that don’t require you to change your entire pantry. Bonus that the food is actually good and uses shit you get at a regular store.
– Two program guides for weeks 1 – 16.
-The Real appeal workout guide. It includes three different plans so you have the option to customize. One is the homebody workout guide, the second is called the walk it off program, and the third is called the gym lover. So there is something for everyone. It even encourages you to mix and match all three.

The scale is supposed to sync with your real appeal account, but I don’t think mine was set up for that? It doesn’t matter though, It’s still a super nice scale. The only thing I wish it had was a tape measure. But I have one, so it’s not too big of a deal.

So the day that my kiddo was admitted (1/31) I had my session in the morning. They really focused on how proper nutrition and exercise really go hand in hand. They are the power couple so to speak. We also talked about about finding your calorie sweet spot, which is different for everyone. Mine for example is between 1100-1200. I find I am most successful when I hit that calorie point daily.

Last week we focused on how to modify your diet. Highlighting healthy ways to make your favorite foods. Did you know you can make a low calorie pizza that actually tastes good? A 300 calorie lasagna? We also learned that majority of the recipes are from chef Rocco Dispirito. If you don’t know who he is, he is a super famous chef who lost a ton of weight and modified all his recipes to taste like their full calorie brothers but actually be healthy. I thought it was pretty gimicky, then I tried a recipe. De-freaking-licious. Oh man.

I love love love love this program. It’s another form of accountability which in my opinion we can never have enough of.

Until next time


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