Part Three: Accountability

Everyone says they want it, but most run away when presented with it. This would include me.

When I got into real estate that’s what everyone talked about. Accountability.

How do hold yourself accountable? How do you guarantee you’ll follow through with what you intend to do?

Intentions are great, but it’s actions and follow through that matter.

In my business I’m accountable to my mentor. She keeps me on track, and I have report to her weekly about my success and failures. Yeah, I could lie and tell her I made my contacts when I didn’t, but that doesn’t hurt anyone but me. It also doesn’t help I’m a terrible liar and have an incredibly guilty conscious.

How do you hold yourself accountable to your health? Anyone who has gone the road solo knows how incredibly difficult that is to do. If you have no one pushing you, asking if you’ve tracked your calories, helping you up when you stumble it’s easy to fall off the band wagon.

I had a huge “aha” moment last Wednesday. I can never have too many accountability partners. The more people I work with on this journey, the more I push myself to stay on track.  Again I hate lying so if I fail, you’ll know.

So far on my journey I’ve had one constant person who holds me accountable. My best friend in the whole world; Sandie. She is always pushing me to be the best version of myself, and holds me accountable when I say I’m going to do x,y, or z.

My husband is my support partner, but mostly he just lets me do my own thing (even if that’s self sabotage sometimes), because well I’m a grown up, and it’s up to me if I choose to stick with it. As much as we are each others biggest supporters, we have also been each other’s enabler at times.

Then I started Real Appeal four weeks ago. That took my accountability to a whole other level. My group depends on each other to encourage, support, and report our weeks. Every Wednesday morning I get on, report my weight, and attend my session. I always leave knowing I have learned something. It’s been the best booster for me!

On superbowl Sunday I talked my aunt Kaela for the first time in forever. She told me she was just getting started on her weight loss journey and we talked in depth about things that we are doing to be better. I need to point out my aunt is maybe five years older than I am. (Hey I have a really big family). Of course I offered to be her accountability partner, and she was on board. We had our first accountability check in this week and she has done awesome!! We also started a 100 squat a day challenge.

I don’t know I think we’re crazy. My legs are burning and I’m waddling like I’m nine months pregnant again. I do the prego roll out of bed. The sideways lean to sit on the toilet.. everything. LOL

Now I feel like i’ve caught you all up.

But I want to know. .How do you hold yourself accountable?


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