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Real Appeal Wednesday


It’s Real Appeal Wednesday!! Ya’ll this is the only day of the week where I jump out of bed to log on the computer. Usually I’m a slug in the morning. This week was another awesome session for my group.

We are four weeks in, and total my group has lost 150lbs. 150lbs in three weeks between forty (i think that’s the number she said) people. That’s freaking amazing. Since I’ve started on Real Appeal, I’ve lost 9lbs.

I brought up that this week I struggled with remembering to eat. The problem is I genuinely was not hungry. My husband pointed out to me how dangerous it was to eat that low so many days. I never got hangry, but did get lethargic and weak. Turns out that I wasn’t the only one who had that experience this week. Ironically this week’s session was about eating when your body gives you the cues (even if you don’t think you are).

We talked about using the food tracker’s hunger scale to log how you feel each time you eat. I’m assuming it helps you identify if you’re bored or stress eating, or waiting too long in between meals.

Second we discussed what are some options we can utilize if we know we’ll be out over a schedule meal time. A lot of people recommended taking snacks with you in your bag or keeping some in your car. I typically do this because the little gets ornery as hell when she’s hungry.  Plus getting this kid to eat is a challenge anyway.

While the video they have us watch was playing our group continued our discussion in the chat. So many awesome suggestions and food that keeps you fuller longer, and retains your energy. A lot people suggested oatmeal, and everyone had a preferred flavor. One gal recommended the steel cut oats in the frozen section at Trader Joe’s. I can say I’ve never been to Trader Joe’s but I might have to now.

We talked about healthier toppings to put on your air popped popcorn if plain popcorn isn’t your thing. We talked about struggles. I even brought up how bloated I feel if I don’t drink my water daily. I woke up today bloated as hell, so I don’t know if my weight of 239.8 is truly accurate. My fingers were so swollen my wedding ring didn’t have it’s usual range of motion.

All in all it was a great session, and like every Wednesday our time goes so fast. It feels like we’re there for ten minutes when in reality it’s 30. Can’t wait for next week.

What are your favorite low calorie snacks?

Do you have a favorite food that keeps your fuller for longer?


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