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Well this turned into a random train wreck of a post.

Does anyone else randomly go back and read old blog posts? No, Just me? Yeah I thought so.

So I usually weigh myself every morning (this is a terrible habit don’t do this). I was super nervous to do it this morning because last night I not only had a late dinner (like damn near after seven), but we had gone to Outback. I have not eaten that much in one meal in months. I thought for sure I put on like two pounds from dinner. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I weighed in at 238.8. I’m slowly working my way down.

I have a question though, how much weight did you lose before your clothing size went down?

I’m down 24lbs, and I’m still in the same damn clothing size. It’s very very frustrating.

In other news:

I started eating yogurt again. I really prefer Yoplait. They stopped using aspartame in the light yogurts, and claim to be GMO free. The price tag of 0.50 is quite alluring as well. Depending on what yogurt you eat they are anywhere from 90 – 160 calories. I have found the higher calorie ones tend to be the dessert flavors like banana split, or peanut butter chocolate cookie. The dessert ones kill my cravings for sweets and chocolate. It’s also a much better option because once it’s gone I’m done. I feel satisfied and my craving disappeared. I feel better about eating one 160 calorie yogurt than say an entire candy bar, or multiple sweet snacks. I have little self control when it comes to chocolate sometimes. Especially dark chocolate.

I also have been making sure I drink tons of water everyday. Like at least a gallon if not more.

I’m still working on healthy recipes. Those sons of bitches are hard to find. Especially most of them have two big issues: 1. They are fucking expensive to make. Listen, I am a cheap ass.  2. They all seem to use some form of coconut oil or spray. I do not do coconut anything. Ever.

I also have to factor in that my children will be eating it. I am not making two dinners every night. I’m too fricking lazy for that nonsense.

My last thought of the night is that I am reclaiming the term loser. To me it’s not a negative thing anymore. On this blog a loser is someone who is losing fat.

I know this blog is like a toddler on a sugar rush, all over the place. It’s been a busy day, and it’s getting close to my old lady bedtime.

And on that note; goodnight losers!


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