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Lesson learned

A funny thing happens when you are strict with your diet and eat the correct portion size, you physically cannot handle what used to be a normal meal for you. You also can’t handle what you used to consider “snacks”.

Typically you’re encouraged to not overeat, and just stop when your body is telling you it’s satisfied.

Yeah, I’ve definitely not followed that advice for two days in a row. My binge streak is definitely ending. I have walked around so incredibly bloated and nauseated that I wish I would just throw up (you now that feeling where if your body would just get rid of it your stomach would feel better). You think I would have learned after the first day I overate. Nope, I just continued to do it for a whole extra day.

Do any of you remember in the old cartoons where some character would eat an insane amount and then look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Yeah, well that’s how I feel.

I physically can not eat as much as I used to. What I would like to know is if my stomach has shrank literally, or if I have just successfully reprogrammed my brain to let me know when I am satisfied.

Do. not. overeat. oh emm gee. I feel like I need to barf everywhere. I also have zero energy and have basically been a sloth for most of the day.

I don’t miss feeling like this. I remember there were more times than not feeling this way. How did I stand it?

I’m downing water like it’s no one’s business, and I feel like I might explode. Also learned that after not have pop for a quite a bit (yes I do have one here or there but not very regularly, and it’s even less often I finish an entire pop), that when you do actually have it and finish it your stomach feels like it literally might pop.

Just totally not worth it.

Lesson Learned.


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