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Real Appeal Wednesday 2/21

It’s that time of the week again! Real Appeal Wednesday!

Today’s topic was emotional eating and beating your cravings.

Who wants to openly admit that they eat when they are bored/stressed/sad/angry? I will. I’m definitely an emotional eater. Like I get stressed out between work, school, the kids, and whatever else and the first thing I do is find my favorite comfort food.

Cravings, are salty and little sweet. Salted caramel dark chocolate is my weakness. Seriously. I can’t even.

Today the topic was how to beat the cravings. We all have them. Sometimes we’re going to give in to them. It’s how to not give in to them all the time. I find for me drinking water, and doing some form of exercise works best. Typically it’s walking around until the urge subsides.

Another option they discussed is swapping that craving for a healthier option. People were throwing out all sorts of great suggestions. Grapes or cut fruit, nuts (almonds seem to be a popular choice), popcorn (air popped with only salt), veggies, etc.

I tend to stick with physical activity and water because I will overindulge, even if it’s a healthier option.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t control the urge, so I just avoid it all together. I’m staying in the 230’s this week. I weighed in at 237.8 on Monday, and have been fluctuating since then. As long as I don’t creep back into the 240s I’m okay. I have seem to hit my plateau in this section, it’s so frustrating.

I’ve also decided to start looking more at macro-nutrients instead of only focusing on calories and sodium. Seems simple, but I’ve not really payed close attention to how many carbs I’ve been eating.

We try to eat more of the recipes from the real appeal cookbook. Most of them are low carb so it works out wonderful. Although we did make the chicken pita pizzas on Sunday, and I must say that they were amazingly delicious. I made the turkey basil lasagna last night and it was so yummy.

I was nervous because usually those “healthy” recipes taste like ass. So far the recipes in this cookbook have not disappointed. I think I”m going to try the shakes soon.

I can’t wait for next week!!

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